Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dev Menon on The Book of Ruth

- the condition of the time of the Judges is spiritual anarchy
- this is represented by the life of Elimelech (my God is King)
o They reject their God who is King
o they marry into the despicable practises of Moab
o the results are Mahlon and Chilion – famine and pestilence
o indeed there is no bread in Bethlehem (the house of bread)
o Ultimately it will take the death of the God who is the King of the Jews to kill famine and pestilence and restore bread to Bethlehem
o this is the time of the beginning of the barley harvest - Passover
- After the death of the King,
More: Boaz, in him is eternal life 
ht: Scrivener.


  1. Hi there
    very much liking your series through Genesis =)


    Ps: in the Ruth stuff I forgot the Gentiles make the Jews jealous - so then the Jews run back to Jesus

  2. Thanks Dev. More Genesis to come.
    I can't believe I didn't connect barley-harvest and passover before...

    The Lord "visiting" in Ruth 1 is pretty cool though when you run that theme through to Luke etc. Screams out grace.

  3. i've always had the opinion that what Abraham does is not necessarily 'wrong' - just like those 2 midwives with Moses...
    it's a hard sell though!

    it's a bit of mapping out harvest dates with feast dates for the Ruth thing