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24: What happened to you...

After what felt like a fairly poor bridge (24: Redemption), Day 7 finally arrived this evening.

Jack's on trial for his work at the now mothballed CTU and then crisis hits and the FBI need him. New characters everywhere - somehow all the pieces and the people will fit together. The big story is that Tony is bad - which is all over the trailers. Jack leaves his trial to join up with the FBI and his new sidekick FBI Agent Renee Walker. (All of which you can discern from the trailer).

Without wanting to give away anything else, this was a promising start in which perhaps we get to explore why Jack uses torture, how being involved in CTU effects people - both with Jack and Tony - and how we can reconcile Jack's world with the real world. Why has Tony turned? What future does Jack have...


  1. Wow. It'd be hard to make a post that was more spoilerific!

    It's generally considered to be extremely bad form to blog spoilers for things when readers are unlikely to have seen it (and given that it's not been broadcast in the UK yet, anyone here can only have watched it illegally and so presumably few of your readers have done so)

  2. It was broadcast legally today. Possibly a bit spoilerific, but the trailers have been doing the rounds for some time.

  3. The deep issue that really concerns me is whether - now the CTU has been disbanded - I need to take the CTU ring tone off my mobile phone and replace it with the one they use in the FBI office - still three tones, but in a different order and not so warbly.

    Kept me up all night, that worry did....

  4. No spoiler. Any 4 fan will have seen the trailer.

    Also, I'm not to sure we should be so legalistic (get it..oh dear)

    What you have managed to do though mr.bish is cause me to covet your Sky box

    Larry has just done a good 24->Christian living blog on photizo

  5. The challenge is that having sky costs, and I'm looking at budgets for life with baby and having to ask whether we should/can be spending money on that...

  6. If you call to cancel, the cancellations department will offer you Sky for £1 / month or so. I'm not sure how long that works for though.

  7. Google for Sky cancellations and you'll discover both how hard they try to keep you (even if you give them virtually nothing... in the hope you'll eventually go back to paying the full amount), and how hard is actually is to cancel even if you're dead set on doing so :P

  8. My wife got me SKY for Christmas (through Virgin Media) and it ended up costing nothing, because when we called up to cancel they offered us what we wanted to pay for, but for less money than we were paying. Not sure how I should feel about a present from my wife that cost her absolutely nothing.....!! Truth is - I'm enjoying it very much.

  9. @adrian: Is it not only for a certain period? As I understand things, they say "Well you can have that package for x months for y pounds" to keep you hooked, but then the price automatically reverts (I think they tend to let you go if you try doing it a second time).

  10. they've given me 12 month contract cancellable any time by me after 1 month, terms not to be varied by them. Win Win. Not sure this started off as a post by Bish on the vagaries of Virgin/Sky pricing, but.....whatever! Sorry Bish!

  11. The joys of blogging. Anything can happen. Who knows what the post on next weeks episode will spark off!

  12. i'm making a mental note not to read your blog until i've seen each episode.

  13. I wont be blogging the whole way - I just felt the return was worth a comment.


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