Saturday, December 27, 2008

What will your marriage be like?

Barnabas Piper guestblogged 22 things and 22 words about forty years of Noel & John Piper's marriage. Without an ounce of hero worship those are some seriously cool things to aspire to in marriage. I imagine similar perspectives are evident in Don Carson's 'An Ordinary Pastor' about his father. Barnabas Piper: 22 things I admire about my parents on their 40th anniversary

My parents have been married for 33.5 years and frankly that is very cool in and of itself.


  1. Have you watched the Mark Driscoll interview with Dr Don, and Day with Dr Don part 1 - both available on the resurgence and both are utterly fascinating/challenging. Well worth a gander...

  2. Not yet. As and when I can I expect I will.