Thursday, December 11, 2008

Re-painting the spare room and related thoughts

This week we've been mostly repainting our spare room (when I've not been catching the 6.24am train to go and do interviews or yesterdays massively encouraging team leader meeting in London) with about 11 weeks left til babybish is due. When I say been I mean, 'and still are'. I don't feel like we're all that prepared yet - we have loads of little bits and pieces but the big stuff like a cot and 'travel system' aren't chosen let along acquired yet and that's before all the important stuff about how to actually raise a child. That said, this is totally amazing.

Looking ahead to the Spring is strange though. My work year naturally enough operates on the academic calender but with paternity leave due for a couple of weeks in early March and a sabbatical next summer I have only a few weeks of the student year left before I'm out of the action I've been used to and otherwise occupied as father and student. Alongside which it's December and I'm thinking it's not long til I need to be ready for the Forum conference (August 30-September 4th 2009). I suppose that disorientation is helpful preparation for the exhaustion that I awaits me!

Enjoying living in the small things of painting and the big things that the arrival of baby is going to mean - and knowing that my help comes not from the baby books and my own resources but only from the one who gives all life.


  1. Thanks for sharing that Dave, very cool. 'Student' - Sabbatical plans? Not writing your book then?

  2. Er, no book. Preparing to be a mision speaker so studying biblical studies & apologetics, though the "how to" and the "what" are tbc.