Friday, December 05, 2008

Preaching is the 'new' sex

Last Sunday was my last preach of 2008. We returned to our old church in Reading, at Arborfield, where I've been invited to preach twice a year as part of the churches continuing partnership with us.
Download MP3: Acts 5v42-6v7: The Word Spreads and Increases
  • I've been taking Raphael Anzenberger's advice from the conference I went to in Austria in September to preach without a script - so I'm down to bullet's as above, though to try and control time these notes are a bit fuller than I've been using recently. Ended up 25mins when I was meant to do 20mins.
  • I had a version ready last Wednesday and then listening to Tim Keller's "preaching to the heart" lectures and realised I was only half way there. Substantial revisions followed to produce what I then delivered.
  • It seems that this was a helpful preach for God's people at Arborfield Church

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