Sunday, December 21, 2008

Marcus Honeysett: Grace and Glory: Romans 9-11

Last week I was co-hosting a gathering of UCCF's South West and South East teams. We invited Marcus Honeysett to teach Romans 9-11 to us, partly because we're studying Romans this month (along with Athanasisus & Augustine), partly because I'll take any excuse to have Marcus come and delight in grace and glory with us formally and informally - and why not do it from chapters like Romans 9-11!

Marcus is a former UCCF relay, staffworker and team leader, director of Living Leadership, author of the IVP books, Meltdown, and Finding Joy, and an elder at Croften Baptist Church.

The aim was explicitly not to master Romans 9-11 but rather to engage our hearts with the gospel and enjoy Jesus together - which is frankly far more important. Understanding is never ultimate - Jesus is. You can download the Romans sessions for your progress and joy in the Lord here, each about 50mins long here.
  1. Session 1, on Romans 9 and the big questions that threaten to undermine the glory of the gospel - addressing the great insecurity of the gospel promises of Romans 8, the answer to which is found in the sovereign grace of God.
  2. Session 2, continuing Romans 9 and 10 and the paradox of God's sovereignty and human responsiblity.
  3. Session 3, on Romans 11 and the place of law and grace for Christians, what should we be teaching children in Sunday School and a detour into Galatians 3-4.
  4. Session 4, continuing on grace and affections with Piper, Edwards and Thomas Chalmers and Romans 11 and the immense mercy of God.
Marcus is hosting the Living Leadership: Pastoral Refreshment Conference in February 2009


  1. Just downloaded Marcus' talks. Talk 1 and 4 are the same - both actually talk 1. Just so you know, and looking forward to getting talk 4 as and when.

  2. Oops. I'll upload 4 again.. Sorry 'bout that!

  3. Thanks for these; they are brilliant!