Monday, December 29, 2008

The Gospel is for Losers

Dan Edelen posts on the search "for a gospel that speak to failure" reminding me that the credit crunch may not have gotten near my door but it has to many - and we need a gospel that can speak to that. We have it, if we'll unleash it. And this is going to stick with me...

"If a man makes a bad career decision at age 18, it will more than likely haunt him for the rest of his life.In the same way, if a man feels a call to ministry in his young adulthood, he will be hard pressed later in life if he fails in that ministry and must find his way in the regular work world... This is not to say that God can’t do miracles. But the simple fact is that you don’t go to bed a video store clerk and wake up the next day as the lead on the Large Hadron Collider. And the even simpler fact is sometimes all the hard work in the world will not get you there, either."

I made a very bad decision at 16 regarding what subjects to study which has had a knock on effect on my life - I dropped the arts subjects I was good at to do all science which it turns out I'm not as a good at. Two years later I became a Christian and remain thankful for the gospel that is enough for whose who screw-up.

Amazingly I graduated (I'm still not sure, and 43% really is only just there...). I've spent the vast majority of my graduate life in "full-time ministry" and I joke occasionally that I'm not really qualified to do anything else... but it is true (though some of the 'skill's I've picked up probably are somewhat transferable... Who knows what the future holds financially or in any other terms.... My God hasn't promised all will be well (by human definitions) but he does provide a gospel that means it will be well with my soul. In moments of unbelief that doesn't seem enough, but really it is.

Scrivener picks up on the trail of the gospel that is for losers like us... as Ted Haggard puts in: "At this stage in my life, I am a loser," - forget "your best life" now, the gospel is for religious losers and irreligious losers. The gospel takes people like that who need saving and calls us Christians.

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