Thursday, December 04, 2008

Go somewhere else...

Ten places to visit....
1. EA Slipstream Podcast: with Mark Driscoll
2. Maurice McCracken on Zephaniah
3. Pete Dray on Am I really a Christian?
4. Tom Price invites you to read Francis Schaeffer
5. Abraham Piper - should pastors be enabled to practice generosity
6. Sean Green preparing to preach on Romans 8
7. New blog from Rhys Llwyd - "Welsh Wilderness"
8. Lex Loizodes on Martin Luther
9. Newfrontiers Bloggers aggregator
10. UCCF Bloggers aggregator

And one to listen to: Tim Keller on two men with money....mp3


  1. shouldn't Dan Hames' very excellent blog be on the UCCF blog list?

  2. What an embarrassing oversight. Oops.

  3. Go somewhere else, eh? I guess that's what people looking for Christian books in Exeter have to do these days now that the old SPCK has become a jewellery and gift store...

    What do you make of what's happened there, Dave? Does Exeter need a Christian bookshop in the town centre?