Friday, December 12, 2008

Gervais and Marchant with Mayo on Life's big questions


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  2. So much of what Ricky says isn't what he says, but his attitude, his character. It's sooo hard to work out how much of it is 4 real and how much is an act. That's why he is an enigma to me. How much of David Brent is Ricky Gervais?

    He comes up with this idea of quimbles which sounds silly, it might be his way of talking about the Higgs bosun (An elementary particle predicted to exist by the standard model of physics). Then he actually began to wrestle with the problem of what light is. That was the part where he started talking about particle/wave duality. I'm not sure that he hasn't been reading at least some, popular level scientific literature, which he's stacking onto his basic philosophical training at University (UCL: BA Philosophy - 1983)

    I think he wants to be seen as smart, as well as funny. And he wants to say things about religion. Who doesn't?

    I went to hear him fairly recently, and he pulled out some very simple religious charicatures that got some laughs, but were not representative of any Christians that I know. It suggested to me that his intellectual engagement with Theism during and since University in '83 was narrow and poorly informed. Has he read Swinburne, Plantinga, Moreland? See my article on the Manic Street Preachers - Lifeblood if you want to know more of what he probably soaked up in '83 and why isn't the first in his generation who are shouting at something that isn't there.

  3. Apparently in the full interview he talks about wanting to interact with people like Rowan Williams etc. Couldn't find that though.

    Partly he wants to be seen as smart but obviously is pretty smart too - how much is just comic religion talk and how much he's serious is kind of hard to get through... part of the fun of comics though. And an advantage and disadvantage of the their style.

  4. This is the Ricky - Rowan interview.

    Ricky is completely flustered and loses hands down

  5. I guess that's why he wanted another shot.

  6. Glen,

    I wouldn't say that the outcome of the conversation between Ricky and Rowan Williams is as clear cut. For one thing, Rowan seems to completely duck a number of challenges that Ricky makes. Ricky lands some quite serious punches, but Rowan who for the most part is unreactive, continues being friendly. That's why it sounds like he wins. Actually, I think 'inconclusive' is a more accurate verdict.