Sunday, December 28, 2008

Film (2008)

1. The Dark Knight - brilliant, not perfect but had to be the film of the year really. Another great Christopher Nolan film, great fx, great performances. Where next though?
2. Charlie Wilson's War - challenging the war on terror: we'll see whether we're making progress - point being we're not. The West Wing with Tom Hanks. Best film of the first half of the year.
3. In the Valley of Elah - same point as CWW but made the opposite way: we can see now, and it's bad. Paul Haggis probably does better here than he did with Bond, but not as good as Crash.
4. Burn After Reading - pure idiotic Coen Brothers fun.
5. Juno - sweet and quirky, wants to be smarter than it is, but is still pretty smart.
6. There will be Blood - The Daniel Day Lewis show and a very fine one at that - not a light one to watch but outstanding. I think if I watched it again it'd be much higher up the list... P.T.Anderson is a film-making genius.
7. Quantum of Solace - actually much better than most people said it was, a bit uneven but appropriately detached for a man coping with character-defining grief.
8. Leatherheads - more mindless Clooney fun - been there done that but still entertaining.
9. Wanted - horrendously poor.
10. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - basically disappointing but I liked the beginning bit with the nuke and the fridge.

// note - there are always some great films that get missed, and we've not been to the cinema since QoS, nor hired or bought a DVD in about 2 months so that explains some of what's missed and the embarrassing presence of Wanted and Indy on this list.

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