Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blog review of 2008

This has been a year of increased readership on the blog, just short of 100,000 visits in the year. I'll highlight some of the posts that drew most comments - not necessarily the most significant things I wrote but ones that got you interacting...

The big deal on the blog in January was Three ways to live (22 comments) a reflection on Tim Keller's observations on the prodigal son - which would end up published in his The Prodigal God later in 2008. In February I introduced the world to the karaoke winning Go Wayne Grudem video (20 comments) which drew in Challies! Odds are you have already seen it but if not, go have a watch. Wayne Grudem has seen it and appreciated it. You will too. This was the month we finally arrived in the newfrontiers church family, one of the many sources of joy in 2008.

In March 16 people commented on my posts about the odds of a 'young reformed and restless' movement in the UK, on the eve of the first 'New Word Alive'. I spent half of April at conferences, liveblogging from New Word Alive in north Wales, and Together for the Gospel in the USA. This included catching up again with my friend Adrian Warnock who had the official guestblogging role. A brief post on Lindsay Brown working with UCCF drew most comments drew 15 comments, news that directly effected me when I was invited to be one of the 'current and future evangelists' at a conference hosted by Lindsay in Austria in September.

In May there was much interaction about a post on Mike Reeves on Psalms and another on evangelism and the uniqueness of Christ in the Church of England. But top of the pile (25 comments) was one on Micah and how to preach the Old Testament Christianly. In June I highlighted a new song, The Grace of My God by Matt Giles, worship leader at our church. You want to sing this in your church - not the most comments but this has driven a lot of traffic this year. I moved the blog to during June. At the end of June we discovered that we were expecting our first child - though naturally enough I didn't post about this on the blog at the time.

Phil Whittall launched Newfrontiers Bloggers which I've since got involved in and we now have over 70 blogs from our family of churches listed there.

In July I went again to the newfrontiers leaders conference in Brighton. Mark Driscoll was the main speaker and I commented on his provocation for newfrontiers to get more doctrinally clear (22 comments) just ahead of a post on preaching Christ or teaching (18 comments) though the top comments were on Christianity and liberalism (32 comments). In July I wrote two posts that are amongst the ones I consider most important this year: The Ideal CU member and 'Parachurch' that loves the local church, deeply applicable to my work with UCCF. Marcus Honeysett guest blogged for me for some of July and August a favour I subsequently returned in August and September. In August I continued the church theme with thoughts on Tim Chester and Jonathan Leeman on community and authority (14 comments) and started to rank Christian blogs on Technorati (17 comments), I shared from Amy Orr-Ewings latest book about The Myth of Secular Neutrality (23 comments)

I spent half of September at the Forum conference and at the IFES European Evangelists Conference from which I blogged, and it was my disagreement with Mark Driscoll on Song of Songs that got you commenting (25 comments). I blogged from Galatians and began to blog through Genesis. In October I caught your attention by suggesting that ability to teach is about character more than about skill (20 comments). I also told the story of The one about the three evangelists on a train

Inspired by the nf bloggers I kicked off UCCF Bloggers which now has over 40 blogs from the ministry of student Christian Unions in Great Britain.

In November Mike Reeves' Fear and Loathing in Las Vagueness drew 24 comments as did Adrian Warnock on The Resurrection Empowered Life. December isn't done yet so let me just highlight Mike Reeves on The Word of God at the Transformission conference and what C.S. Lewis has to say about miracles and living near a railway. 2008 has been a year of change, though there should be much more to come, with BabyBish due in late February, my 30th birthday to come later in the year, and a summer than includes a sabbatical after six years work with UCCF, which might kill the blog for a while unless I find some guestbloggers.


  1. I'd like to feel that I have be a small part of the melee on here. It seems to me that the biggest troublemakers are people like Pete, Martin Downes, Glen, DaveW, étrangère and the honeymonster.

    Thanks Dave. I love your blog. It's a good place to talk about things that matter (and sometimes things that don't). Thanks for all the effort you put into getting us thinking and encouraging us to study the bible more closely.

    I'm not expecting you to keep it up after the baby appears. In fact, take a break old chum.

  2. Life would be lesser without my usual suspects commenting!

    I'm tempted to either invite the big commenters in to guestblog or to just stick in a feed to each of your blogs... Either way the blogworld can do without me for five months.

  3. What no mention of Newfrontiers Bloggers? I'm hurt. It's been a busy year but sounds like 2009 will be special. Thanks for your blogging this year

  4. I has my tongue in my cheek but grateful nonetheless! Cheers pal

  5. Dave, your blog has been a constant highlight in a tough year! Thanks.

  6. Glad to serve Andy.
    Thanks for the Christmas card. Marcus mentioned you're making progress which was v.encouraging to hear.