Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Washington Post

Enjoyed these interesting articles in the last few weeks.
And this is just amusing (at BBC News). Yesterdays papers wrote about the Stanford series on the assumption that England would win and how the unselected players had missed out on the money: Instead they all leave with nothing.


  1. ALL OR NOTHING. Isn't that the gospel? In many ways....

  2. The article "Pearls before Breakfast" goes further than just music. It seems to me at least to suggest something larger about Jesus as well...What would happen if we put Jesus in a subway system today? Would people just walk by him? Would we even know what we were looking for if we found him?

  3. Danny, that's kinda how I used it as an illustration in this preach recently no starbucks at golgotha

  4. that joshua bell story is incredible isnt it. I'd be interested where cj went with it? I came across it in belgium while we studying john 1-5 (here)

    I find it useful especially introducing jesus to non christians - how do we even start to take seriously a revelation which calls our very perception and nobility into question?