Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Tower of Babel

“Man, rashly daring, full of pride,
Most covets what is most denied.
And a little afterwards, —
“Counts nothing arduous,
and tries Insanely to possess the skies.”
cited by Calvin in his Commentary on Genesis 11.

The lasting legacy of Babel.
Daunting, dazzling and doomed (The Guardian - 11 Nov)

"These fascinating images are attempts to illustrate the greatest story ever told about a building. The tale is in the Bible. After the Flood, the descendents of Noah spread over the earth, and resolved to build a city and a tower, whose top reached 'unto heaven'."

Though the article goes on to suggest that the story of the tower of Babel is angry Jews responding to being exiled. I'd beg to differ and suggest it was written a bit earlier than that. This is one of the cities of Mighty Nimrod who comes up against the Lord (Gen 10), a successor to the idolatrous cities of Lamech (Gen 4) that is established in "Direct violation of God's command to fill the earth" (Leithart, The Kingdom and the Power, p148) - and is directive for those coming up out of Egypt into the land to remember their destiny to be a global people.

Image: Babel by Breughel.

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