Saturday, November 01, 2008

Communities of Grace on Mission (Total Church in the USA)

Tim Chester and Steve Timmis have been in the USA:
Total Church Conference mp3s/video

The book is excellent so I'd imagine these are worth a listen.

Tim Chester's blog, recently posting:

Communities of Performance
the leaders appear sorted
the community appears respectable
meetings must be a polished performance
identity is found in ministry
failure is devastating
actions are driven by duty
conflict is suppressed or ignored
the focus is on orthodoxy and behaviour (allowing people to think they’re sorted)

Communities of Grace
the leaders are vulnerable
the community is messy
meetings are just one part of community life
identity is found in Christ
failure is disappointing, but not devastating
actions are driven by joy
conflict is addressed in the open
the focus is on the affections of the heart (with a strong view of sin and grace)

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