Friday, November 14, 2008

Through the Curtain - True Greatness

Download MP3: True Greatness, through the cross from UWECU.
Continuing a four part series in Mark based around reasons Jesus came:

1. Jesus came to preach so listen to his word.
2. Jesus came for sinners, like us, be found with him.
3. Jesus came to die, come to the cross and find life.


  1. Where is the resurrection in this gospel?

  2. Glad you asked! It's part 4 that I'm doing next Thursday, but I figured I'd not give away what the fourth one was and see if anyone asked.

    Last one is Mark 16 + Mark 8, Jesus resurrection and return.


  3. I liked it, but your voice didn't sound anything like I had imagined in my head; 'twas much deeper! Come to think of it, it sounded like most other UCCF folk I know: do staff workers do a course on how to speak?

  4. I find that being recorded makes voices sound more similar. The constraints of speaking English to 100 people without amplification normalises the voice a bit too.

    When I think about the voices of the six south west staff they are very different... We also spend very little time together so I'd be surprised if we catch it off each other. Maybe it's just where we grew up... but then my team come from Berkshire, Hampshire, Northamptonshire, Dorset, Hong Kong and the highlands of Scotland.

    Interesting observation though.

  5. OK, maybe it's just me then, although I was talking with a friend the other day and it reminded me of the time when she commented how sometimes you can spot an (ex)UCCF bod by their prayers: I think she used the term 'sound but passionate'. So maybe it's something like that, which wouldn't be a bad thing.

  6. sounds but passionate is fine, or even sound and passionate...