Saturday, November 08, 2008


1.No trains. Didn't use one this week. That's very rare, but then I didn't leave Exeter this week either!
2. Team. Having the team in town is always a pleasure, being joined by church based student workers was a real joy too.
3. Real-world. Delaying our training on Wednesday afternoon because our speaker was surrounded by non-Christian students asking him questions.
4. Relays go Apologetic. Hearing seven persuasive young apologists giving their first talks. Imagining what ministry might be done through them in future.
5. IKEA. Building furniture the easy way - and looking at cots. Never done the latter before!
6. Family Night. Praying with our church.Unmissable.
7. Technology. Phone died so I had to get a new one. And got a webcam.

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