Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Richard Cunningham

This week Richard Cunningham is coming to Exeter to do some training for the UCCF team and guests from local churches. Richard is Director of UCCF is one of the most gifted apologists and leaders I know. Some of his talks are available online:

If you could know God would you want to?
What's wrong with living for pleasure?
What would it be like to be truly loved?
Why does a good powerful God allow suffering?
Why God hates religion
Why only bad people go to heaven
How can Christians claim that Jesus is the only way?
If God proved he was there, would...
How can Christians be certain they have the truth?

More at DICCU.co.uk Adrian Warnock on Richard Cunningham at NWA

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  1. He was good on "Happy Days" too.
    Him and Fonzie were the best!