Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Remove This Cup

Spoke last night at a joint meeting of University of Plymouth and Marjons Christian Unions on Mark 14v1-42 under the title "Remove This Cup" (as part of a series they're doing in Mark's gospel). In the first half I try to argue for divine judgement being reasonable and then show that what we're trying to avoid we can aviod - not by denial but by Jesus drinking the cup of divine wrath at sin for us. The first half is essentially the same as I used for my talk on "Death and the Smell of Jesus" in September. I find speaking on this subject personally affecting as I engage with the reality of wrath, the situation of those I know who aren't Christians and the amazing extent of salvation.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Remove This Cup - Dave Bish (34mins)

The quality of the recording isnt great. I've cleaned it up a bit but it's still a bit noisy. Obviously CJ Mahaney's "The Cup" has influenced my reading of this chapter. I avoided re-listening to it when preparing but his preaching of it is outstanding.

Adrian Reynolds on preachers notes


  1. ....and interesting to see what your notes look like.....maybe more of us should do that?

  2. Not exactly an original idea on my part (given Josh Harris sharing of preachers notes recently).

    I've not normally done notes like this - but I'm trying out moving away from full-script to notes that can sit within my Bible.

    In this case I wrote a full script and then reduced it down to this three column version with quotes on separate paper.