Monday, November 17, 2008

Mind-boggling, category-shattering truths demand our best thought and our most creative labors

This month's study programme takes us into Church History / Historical Theology on Athanasius and Augustine. For some that is an immediate turn-off, but without our history we're pretty much doomed to miss the mark badly.

Piper writes of Athanasius' ministry, contending  for the divinity of Christ: 

"What was clear to Athanasius was that propositions about Christ carried convictions that could send you to heaven or to hell... Athanasius labored with all his might to formulate propositions that would conform to reality and lead the soul to faith and worship and heaven. I believe Athanasius would have abominated, with tears, the contemporary call for “depropositionalizing”.. I think he would have said, “Our young people in Alexandria die for the truth of propositions about Christ. What do your young people die for?” ...Athanasius would have grieved over sentences like “It is Christ who unites us; it is doctrines that divides.” ...Those who talk like this... think they have done something profound and fresh, when in fact they have done something very old and stale and very deadly."
And it is with this kind of mindset that Adrian Warnock again raises the debate over penal substitution. I weep for those who deny these doctrines and rejoice that others like Adrian will contend for them, and rejoice further at the partnerships and unity I see formed by those who, for whatever other differences, find themselves bound together by a common love of the God of such glorious doctrine.

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