Sunday, November 30, 2008

Listening in on the Emmaus Road?

So, on the road to Emmaus and with his disciples in Luke 24 Jesus shows beginning with moses and all the prophets that the Christ had to suffer and rise and that repentance and forgiveness of sins would be proclaimed to all nations... I've heard people say - it'd be great to have been in on that Bible study. And it would. Could it be that Luke-Acts is essentially that. Luke's ordered account of what was fulfilled about the Christ and his suffering, resurrection and the subsequent proclamantion of that to bring repentance and forgiveness to the ends of the earth?



  1. Yes, I think so, basically anyway.

    After all, Peter tells us we've received a faith of equal standing with the apostles (2 Peter 1:1).

  2. I've often thought that it would have been great to be present at The Ultimate Bible Study before too.

    Then I think the whole of the NT is in some way an opportunity to listen in on those 40 days.

  3. Asbolutely Steve - we get to sit in. And better, cos we can keep coming back to it.