Sunday, November 09, 2008

Has Science Killed God? Andrew Wilson

Last night we went to Ask for dinner with some of Em's colleagues and about 20 other people. We talked about babies and Bond films and many other things.

We were there because our church had booked out a room and invited Andrew Wilson from Kings Church Eastbourne to speak between courses on Has Science Killed God?

Andrew challenged the idea that the two are really competitors... it's a bit like asking if the Pakistan Cricket Team have beaten Manchester United yet. He suggested there are two key issues to consider, the question of origins and the question of miracles. He showed the merits of science but said that in the end science can only get us as far as saying that either we're here because: there is one unknown entity (God?) or because of aliens (Francis Crick suggests) or that there are billions of unknown entities (multiverses, without any prospect of evidence).

At this point science has to admit it's done all it can do and then we're faced with the public truth claims of Jesus and the resurrection. There are three kinds of proof - mathematical proof by definition, scientific proof by repetition and likely outcome and historical proof of the 'in court' 'beyond reasonable doubt' kind. Christianity, unlike many other worldviews, puts itself at the mercy of the third kind and invites our enquiry.

Andrew Wilson is responsible for Teaching and Training at Kings Church Eastbourne. He moved to Eastbourne in 2003 to run Impact, the church-based year out project, and to get married to his wife Rachel. Since then, he has gradually increased his job description to cover Sunday teaching, training materials, Equip courses, web resources, and overseeing the 20s work in the church. Andrew Wilson is the author of Deluded by Dawkins and Incomparable. Andrew Wilson preaching on Outrageous Grace.

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