Friday, November 14, 2008

Bad Meetings

Bad meetings generation real human suffering... by Matt Perman
"Bad meetings, and what they indicate and provoke in an organization, generate real human suffering in the form of anger, lethargy, and cynicism. And while this certainly has a profound impact on organizational life, it also impacts people’s self-esteem, their families, and their outlook on life...."
I couldn't agree more. A challenge to me as a Team Leader, and to those who lead in churches and Christian Unions...

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  1. Reminds me of what Ben Arment said the other day about meetings:

    *It's Not the Meeting I Hate, It's the Deliberation*

    When I'm with leaders, I ask questions.
    When I read books, I jot down questions.
    I even scribble questions in magazines.
    I carry my Moleskine mostly for questions.
    But I introvert my brainstorming function...

    In meetings, I try to end as few sentences as possible with a "?".