Monday, November 10, 2008

Back in two weeks (24)

24: Redemption - Mon, Nov 24th 9pm Sky1
The storyline takes place on Inauguration Day for the next U.S. President, Allison Taylor, and is shot partially in South Africa. "Jack is a soul in turmoil and has been moving from place to place trying to find somewhere he can be at peace," says co-executive producer, Manny Coto. "But he winds up in Africa in the middle of a military coup." Meanwhile, Bauer is subpoenaed to appear before the Senate hearing while in Africa, but doesn't want to go... 
ht: Digital Spy


  1. is it heretical or just revealing how unholy i am to say this is the post i have most enjoyed on your blog for *checks* .. 3 days?

  2. Larry, no I don't think so (...checks, what didn't he like... hmmm).

    Live the life.

  3. Mate its not a case of not liking the previous content - i can but echo JT your blog is pretty much consistently inspirational.

    I just happen to really like 24!

  4. it's a special moment to have news about 24.

  5. I can only agree with your enthusiasm for the depth and clarity of this post. It is both inspiring as well as informative. Keep it up Bish.