Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Words, The Song, The Word (mp3s)

So, I'm back from Austria. Almost through the Keller/Clowney lectures.
Needing some fresh iPod fuel - and the latest Desiring God conference, on the power of words and the wonder of God looks like a good option.
I'll add to that Driscoll on Song of Songs. Which, from the first one I'm going to
a) largely agree with the content of, and
b) not entirely be sure that it's what the Song is about and that it feels like he stereotypes views a bit in the first one, and doesn't really give time to the Christ and his bride (the church) thinking.But, enough of that conversation - I'll listen and I expect to learn a lot from him.
And furthermore, John Piper begins his preaching series in John's Gospel.

And Piper demonstrates that he's a good sport:

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  1. Driscoll and Ferguson are brilliant at the DG conference. Driscoll especially I thought...enjoy!