Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well worth the £5.30

Yesterday Jen, Jim, Tim, Hannah and I went over the bridge to spend some time with Pete and Dave at ChristChurch Newport.We were there to build some relationship ahead of a conference that I've invited Pete to serve us at in 2009. As we sat in his office (surrounded by some outstanding books as would be the case in many a pastors study) I invited Pete to share his story with us and was deeply encouraged by his honesty about his mistakes, about the way he's grown and changed over the years, what Jesus is doing among them as a church at the moment, and most of all that he's loves Jesus and is keen to serve the wider church and UCCF's ministry.

I consider it a huge priviledge (and also rather ridiculous) that I've been able to spend time with so many godly pastors over recent years through serving churches in UCCF. The thing that strikes me again and again is how unassuming God's leaders are. And, I observe that the more these men seem to love the gospel the more humility they seem to display... That's real spirituality and I want that in my life.

But the, like Sammy says: "Arrogance. What does a filthy rotten sinner have to be feeling superior about? Nothing much the Bible reckons. So if we are at all arrogant, it’s out of ignorance of our true state (without Christ)." And now we enter into life in Christ - as part of his bride the church in many localities!


  1. It is a wonderful room of books isn't it! I have to say that humility was a word which struck me after my visit to spend time with Pete (although I'm sure if he reads all these blogs about him he'll get a big head). Honesty was another one. He was very willing to admit his mistakes and even admit he still didn't really know what he was doing. Maybe people could check out some video shorts we recoreded that day by going to the proGnosis...

  2. Honesty is a good description. Soon as we start faking that we've done stuff right all the time pride kicks in. Knowing the real story of my own life I'm a fool if I paint a spotless picture, or expect it of others.

    I doubt he reads my blog. Who would?

  3. I don't know mate, according to Technorati your in teh top 10 uk christian blogs...

  4. Don't say who reads my blog = yours gets comments! :P