Thursday, October 16, 2008

UCCF Evangelism Podcast (Clive Parnell with Julian Hardyman)

Helping students to live and speak for Jesus all over Great Britain.


How do we glorify God when playing football, cooking, studying and going to Church? How can living lives that glorify God help in evangelism?

Clive chats with Julian Hardyman (Author of Glory Days) and music comes from Charlie Hall and The Dave Crowder Band.

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  1. Bish - I love the way you get it onto your blog before me.
    Are you into time travel? - The Doctor.

    thanks for flagging it up,

  2. Ah no I'm the doctor, Clive, in a new female dispensation. I flagged it up the day before Bish ;) Admittedly though mine didn't come adorned with a nice pic of you, neither did I embed the track. Oh well.

  3. to be fair, i should have given a ht to you...

  4. oh well thank Doctors of the blog world, well done Rosemary for getting it on the blog before Bish - no mean feat.