Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stay in the Word (UWECU)

Began working through a four part series in Mark's gospel called "Stay Free" at the University of the West of England Christian Union last week. Part 1 is titled "Stay in the Word" and looks at Mark 4. A technical fault meant I had to re-record the last five minutes so that's a bit inauthentic.
Download MP3: Stay in the Word (25mins).

I gave a much longer version of this talk at our recent South West CUs Small Group Leaders conference. I preached Mark 4 at Warwick CU (where I met Sammy) a couple of years back. On all three occasions I've not been massively happy the talk...


  1. Why werent you happy?
    (Im intrigued and shall listen)
    Come back to Warwick next year.

  2. I dunno... thoughts welcome.

    I respond to invites though Coventry is a bit out of the way.