Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Song, The Man, The Feast

Ed is reading The Song: I just struggle to believe that the wisest man in the Old Testament didn't have an eye on the bigger, better, eternal covenant, when writing about the one between a man and a woman.

Dan Hames writes about The Man: And this True Man, Jesus, invites us into his family. He offers us a life of meaning and purpose with Him. In fact, he is that life and humanity, and when you or I come to him the significance and fullness of Jesus' life can be ours too. He offers us that restored place of real humanity before God and in the universe. On a personal note this reading of the Song warms my heart, and untaps a flow that is often short of water.

Marcus on feeding your soul: Sitting down with no other thought than savouring goodness and spending a long time at it. Giving it time to digest and fully nourish my heart and body. Talking about it for weeks afterwards, so wonderful was the experience and company... What would it mean to reorient the life of busy western Christians and busy western churches to allow for real, regular, deep spirituality in our busy western world?

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