Thursday, October 09, 2008

John Piper's Spectacular Sins

MP3: 40min interview: “wimpy worldviews make wimpy Christians”

ht: Crossway blog

"John Piper poignantly shares what God wants us to know about his sovereignty and Christ's supremacy when we encounter sin or tragedy. These bold, biblical assurances and joy-infused declarations will bolster your trust in the utter sovereignty of God and strengthen your surety in him."

This is a book many are going to disagree with - given responses to snippets I've picked up from his preaching at New Word Alive and at Forum this year. But, as with anything, the best approach is to hear someone out and then weigh up whether what they say fits Biblically.


  1. I haven't read the book, but I've listened to the sermons on which I think the book is based.

    What have people said in disagreement with the book?

  2. I've heard much agreement, and then a few people saying they're unhappy with God standing behind things - ordaining sin etc.

    Level of happiness with a doctrine isn't the basis on which we believe it or not - so the burden is to show that Piper's conclusions come from the Bible or that sufficient reasons not to accept his conclusions can be found in the Bible.