Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting on Mission: Avoiding a wimpy worldview that would lead to wimpy Christians

So, over the weekend I found myself in the company of some heroes. Students from five Universities in the South West who have stepped up to the mark to lead mini-mission teams at their Universities, small groups of Christians who will gather to meet with Jesus so they can go and spread the news about him. To do that they need backbone. They need anchors. They need steel in their bones. Mark's gospel is a great source of such backbone.

“Wimpy Christians  have wimpy worldviews” John Piper

Together, we saw that Mark 7 tells us that sin comes from in our hearts not from the world around us. That sets us personally to turn to believe in Jesus the saviour of sinners. For mission it means that we need not live in desperate fear of being corrupted by the world around us. Fact is, we'll sin with Christians, we'll sin out in the world. In both cases we can repent. But the world won't if they never hear of Jesus. That means going to to the difficult places.

“We are all on a mission with Jesus everyday,  and we are either good missionaries or bad” Mark Driscoll

I hear people say "I'm too busy to spend time with those who aren't Christians". I wonder if really that might be a front for the underlying fear of being sucked into the sin of others...   Likewise it may be our disgust at the sin in others, let us be disgusted at ourselves who sin though graced. And then, distressed at those outside of Christ, distressed that they don't worship Jesus. And so moved to change our patterns of life, to strategically go. (Observe the strategy of the church in Acts 5v42-6v8 - decisive action to ensure that God's word continued to go to God's world).

But, I think it means even more. Biblical convictions about what is wrong with the world, and what God is doing about it should give us the backbone to become leaders in this world. To take initiative. To engage with people where they are, and to create alternative contexts and agendas.

A CU small group leader is the leader of a mini-Mission Team. And with their group they have the potential to be leaders within a much greater context than just the 5-10 students in the team. They have the opportunity to influence many, many more people through the relationships and opportunities that team members have.

And in this we don't go as sinless people. If that was the requirement we'd all be excluded.

“God's mission is not to create a team of moral and decent people but rather  to create a movement of holy, loving missionaries who are comfortable and truthful around lost sinners...” Mark Driscoll

And through that to add daily disciples to the local church as the word of God spreads through the witness of forgiven sinners, Saints who live in the world, found like Jesus among sinners & tax collectors... bearing penetrating, world-defying, world-saving news about Jesus.

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