Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Death by Love (Mark Driscoll & Gerry Breshears)

Mark Driscoll's latest book DEATH BY LOVE (with Gerry Breshears) is about the cross. It's a bit different to other books on the cross. Like other Re:Li: books it's well designed. And like Mark Driscoll it's pretty hard-hitting. But, this one is Pastor Mark in action, writing letters to members of his church and applying the different facets of the cross to their lives (a bit like Leon Morris' The Cross of Jesus). It's warm but hard stuff - pastoral care that's unafraid to go head-on into the issues. Pastoral care that really loves. I've not finished reading it yet, but so far so good. And if Driscoll's humour isn't your thing, this doesn't have it. This one is serious the whole way.
£8.61 from The Book Depository


  1. This is up there with Frame - Doctrine of the Christian Life and the ESVSB on my WANT list at the moment.

  2. Still not sure if I'll get the ESVSB, but this is worth having. Frame wasn't on my radar.

  3. The list of contributors is pretty impressive isn't it for the ESVSB? That said, I'm not a fan of study bibles really.

    'Frame wasn't on my radar'

    That, Dave, is possibly the most lamentable words I've seen you write here (ok, I massively overstate...). :)

    Driscoll book sunds interesting, thanks for drawing attention to it.

  4. I mean, THAT Frame book. I have some of his other books.

    Yeh, I imagine the ESVSB will be great, but it's a SB which is the issue.

  5. So what's the issue with study bibles? I'm not sure what your issues are.

  6. Probably just "me" - as in if the answers are all on the page I'm a lazy fool who will spend less time rubbing my face in the text itself. Stupid reasoning really! Cos, I don't mind reading with a commentary nearby...

  7. I'm sure "Frame wasn't in the frame" or "Frame wasn't in the picture" would have been better than radar!

    (I know I have too much time on my hands!)

  8. Speaking personally, it pecks my head when people bring a study bible to a group bible study or 121. It can kill any real discussion or engagement with the text and one another when someone says 'but here in my notes it says x'. In that way, SBs are (mis)used as the 'popes' of evangelicalism!

    Using one in yr own reading, or even using one responsibly in a bible study, is a different matter of course.

    (though I have to say, SBs usually, in my experience, give you 'pat' answers, or just don't even comment on the really difficult verse where you'd love
    a bit of help - a bit like some commentaries too!)

  9. 'I mean, THAT Frame book. I have some of his other books.'

    Yeah, I figured that's what you meant, you've quoted Frame on here before. It still makes me feel sad inside though.


  10. ...and now by the joy of blogs it's now ON my radar.

    So, anyways... I was posting about Death by Love.