Friday, October 17, 2008

David Powlison: The Gospel is better than unconditional love.

"The Gospel is better than unconditional love. The Gospel says, “God accepts you just as Christ is. God has ‘contraconditional’ love for you.” Christ bears the curse you deserve. Christ is fully pleasing to the Father and gives you His own perfect goodness. Christ reigns in power, making you the Father’s child and coming close to you to begin to change what is unacceptable to God about you. God never accepts me “as I am.” He accepts me “as I am in Jesus Christ.” The center of gravity is different. The true Gospel does not allow God’s love to be sucked into the vortex of the soul’s lust for acceptability and worth in and of itself. Rather, it radically decenters people—what the Bible calls “fear of the Lord” and “faith”—to look outside themselves."
David Powlison, Idols of the Heart and Vanity Fair from the CCEF

This so helpful - as David Powlison invariably is! So often we judge our status, our standing, our well-being based on how we feel. But the gospel is different. What counts is how we are in Jesus Christ. This is the great beauty of the doctrines of justification and adoption which the cross of Jesus secures for us. The centre of gravity is different in Christianity compared to absolutely every other worldview.


  1. I get this, massivley. There's a phrase doing the rounds that says, "Come as you are to God." Which I can understand but only when I put footnotes to it.

    "Come as Christ is!" That's the truth. No foot notes needed. How much better if we shared that!

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