Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Bruised Reed (Richard Sibbes)

The Bruised Reed, Richard Sibbes at Theology Network

...he is so gracious to those that yield to his government, we may make the right use of this grace, and not lose any portion of comfort that is laid up for us in Christ. And may he grant that the prevailing power of his Spirit in us should be an evidence of the truth of grace begun, and a pledge of final victory, at that time when he will be all in all, in all his, for all eternity.


  1. Thanks for the link to the Clowney/Keller lectures. iTunes is currently battling to not blow up as it downloads 35 items.
    They shall be the soundtrack to my walk into Uni..
    (And btw there is nothing like a CU-less uni to make you love CUs all the more)

  2. You'lll love the lectures.

    No CU? Become it!

  3. start a CU in 2 months... Now I understand "ephraphus wrestling in prayer".

    first lecture is fantastic already.

  4. Just heard Mark Dever mention a good Sibbes quote about mercy that was encouaging like the one you shared:

    "Mercy to others should move us to deny ourselves and our lawful liberties oftentimes in case of offense of weak ones. The weakest are aptest to think themselves as despised. Therefore we should be most careful to give them content...the best men are severe to themselves-tender over others."