Friday, September 12, 2008

We are sons of God! Big news about the accomplishment of the Cross.

I've been preaching on Galatians for my team this week...
Download MP3: Galatians 3v1-12 (introduction)
Download MP3: Galatians 3v13-4v7 (main talk on law and being adopted)
Kenny Robertson, notes on Galatians 3v1-4v7

The essence of this talk is about how the gospel not law means we're sons of God in Christ. God made his promise to Jesus, and Christians are 'in' Christ - clothed with his righteousness, given the Spirit. It's not flattery because this comes from the cross. And the cross never flatters - it shames and exposes us, and saves us!!

Download MP3: Galatians 5v15-6v18

Kenny Robertson, notes on Galatians 5v15-6v18

Why do we struggle to live by the Spirit - why do we struggle to live like Sons even though Sonship is glorious? The nub of the issue is the struggle to be associated with the cross of Christ. Sonship is fundamentally tied up with the Cross of Christ. Legalists want to avoid the cross, Christians glory in it and shudder at the thought of glorying in anything else. We either marginalise the cross or make much of it. We live in the light of one or the other - sowing to the Spirit to make much of the cross, or sowing to sin/law to avoid the cross.

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