Thursday, September 18, 2008

Top 10 UK Christian Blogs (September 2008)

This is my guess at the top Christian blogs in the UK at the moment. Ranking done by Technorati which really records influence among bloggers. This makes no comment on content, quality, number of readers. I'll update this monthly, to adjust for the ever changing blogosphere and for blogs I've not been aware of. If I've missed someone off, comment to let me know.

1. Dave Walker (-) - the cartoon church blog

2. Andrew Jones (n) - the tall skinny kiwi

3. Adrian Warnock (-1) - the doctor, leadership and other things

4. Jon Birch (n) - the asbojesus blog

5. Colin Adams (-2) - preachers blog for preachers, husband of one of the titus2talkers

6. Tim Chester (-2) - sheffield based church planter and author

7. Jonny Baker (n) - exploring how faith connects with contemporary culture

8. Dave Bish (-3) - enjoying grace, loving the church, in student ministry

9. Terry Virgo (-3) - leader of newfrontiers

10. Titus2Talk Teamblog (-3) -scottish women blogging the gospel

August 2008

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