Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"There they could enjoy all the late-night chats they wanted, for, once talking over a mug of his beloved Wittenberg beer, Luther was famed for his ability not to stop until dawn. "

"If today we fail to share Luther’s world-changing obsession with the gospel, it is only because we have let the death-defying, joy-giving beauty and sweetness of justification by faith alone slip through our fingers.  Every other gospel, be it a gospel of emotional fulfilment or social transformation, can only leave us comparatively apathetic.  It was this gospel alone that fired Luther to turn Europe upside down.  If Luther were a student today, armed with this gospel, we would have another Reformation.  But what if a whole generation of students were to grasp this gospel as he did?" Read more of 'If Martin Luther were a student today' by Mike Reeves at Theology Network

New students arrive in the South West soon!

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