Tuesday, September 30, 2008

thebluefish.org - statistics, analytics etc.

So it seems more of you are reading the blog than this time last year. This is just a quickie to say thanks for clicking in and reading the words. I hope I can continue to serve you in this.

The graph comes from sitemeter. This provides information on referrals to the site from other websites, where in the world people come from and how many.

Another useful tool is google analytics which gives a widerand more user friendly interface. One account can handle multiple websites. Both services are free and require registration and insertion of some code to the website.

I've been using sitemeter for a few years - during which it's recorded 200,000 hits. I've had google on for the past five months.

It's potentially a bit vain and geeky to bother with things like this, but I do find it helpful to know where people are coming from, to track links to the site, google searches that land people up here. This helps me to know what people read most here.

Technorati and Google blogsearch are helpful tools to see who is linking. This has led me to interact with many fascinating blogs and their authors over the years.


  1. Hi Bish

    How can you tell how many people read your blog?
    Do you have to pay for some jazzy software?

  2. Two easy free ways are

    Sitemeter.com - where that graphic comes from.

    The other is to sign up to www.google.com/analytics which gives even better data.

    Both require you to stick some code into the page and then deliver information on reader numbers, linking etc.