Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The shape of creation and new creation

So, we start with 'in the beginning' with God and with a place that is formless, empty and dark. It's not really the actual start because before this the Father is loving the Son and giving him glory, in him a promise is made and people are chosen, saved and redeemed by the blood of the blameless lamb who was slain. The one who is himself The Beginning. Salvation awaits only it's manifestation and accomplishment in the creation. The Spirit is over the waters - that'll happen again.

By the end of the chapter comes form and order, filling of the world and the promise of further filling, and light overcoming darkness.

God speaks. He speaks! The Word is there! And there is light. The darkness is overcome. The void of darkness is ordered into Day and Night. And hard-wired into the shape of time is the overcoming of darkness by light as the day runs from evening to morning (rather than midnight to midnight). In subsequent days the waters are formed into heavens and earth, and then the earth shaped into land and sea. The forming work of God built into the nature of space and time... see the work of God at the beach, in the horizon. Sun and moon rule on God's behalf over his ordered world. They speak of his rule. And the stars - a vast statement of the glory of God.

Creation begins to be filled, with seed bearing plants on the third day. Further creatures are made to fill this formed world. And they blessed to fill the empty world. And on the second third day, comes the Image Bearer. One who will rule over God's world, filling and forming what remains empty and disordered within his creation.

This is a world like the world we know, yet not quite our world. This world is all good and very good, where ours is marred and cursed. Why? The world is teeming with life but something more is needed. Genesis 1 leaves us waiting for the events that occured before 'in the beginning'. Genesis makes us read on and ask, why is the world like this? Where is this Image Bearer? Will it be Adam... or another?

Furthermore as Moses writes this book for Israel in the wilderness they hear of the God who made all things. The creator who brought darkness on the Egyptians and light over his own people. The one who divided the waters. The one who has promised them a land that looks like the vibrant world of Genesis 1. Genesis 1 makes the human heart pang for the Image Bearer and the day of Rest. These are the generations of the heavens and the earth - the day in which they were made. God's spoken work, the creation of the Man and the prospect of God's rest.  To be continued...

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