Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mark Driscoll in Sydney

Gordon Cheng writes up Mark Driscoll's talks in Sydney, Australia. Basically, it's the same sort of 'Vintage Church' content he preached in Brighton in July, but the application is different.

Some of the more conservative evangelical churches in the UK might benefit from this applications.

He pushes them to be more 'going' than just attractional, to be more applied in their preaching, more entrepreneurial, 'at least a little bit charismatic', to be more urgent, to get the 'number 2 guys' out of number 1 positions....

Afterwhich, Gordon Cheng notes that he basically things Driscoll is largely wrong.

ht: Stephen Murray.


  1. Dave - Having been exposed quite a bit to the Sydney vibe via my own denomination I understand and resonate with where Driscoll is coming from quite a bit. I would also love though to see what he's learned from a positive point of view from the Sydney crowd.

    Having listened to a lot of podcasts from Driscoll and other Acts29 church planters I have, on occasion, been left feeling a little underwhelmed by the level of exegetical insight on their part in their bible handling. To be honest I often find them weakest on narrative passages where quite a bit of spiritualizing tends to creep in. I wonder if Driscoll, and some of his colleagues would benefit form something of the approach to the bible in Sydney (and of what I've picked up in your own bible teaching). I know its a generalization but what do you think?

  2. Thanks for the link, Dave!

    Afterwhich, Gordon Cheng notes that he basically things Driscoll is largely wrong.

    Well, let's not get too carried away here. What I actually said was:

    My other disclaimer is that I think large swathes of what Mark said was pretty much wrong, and in big ways. But it was very much worth hearing, and the bits that were good were very, very good.

    I don't want to rush in and say anything foolish just yet, so give it a day or three and I'll post something a bit more careful on the blog. Until then, let's allow that 'large swathes' could mean anything from 20% to 80%, without getting too specific. ;-)

  3. Hi Gordon, Yeh sorry for the paraphrasing! :)

    I'd hope Driscoll came to Sydney to learn just as he came to Brighton to learn.