Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lex Loizides blogs

Lex Loizides blogs starting with highlights from church history....
Born in London and raised in Sussex, Lex Loizides now lives with his wife, Jo, and their four children in Cape Town, South Africa. Lex and Jo have been involved in serving on the staff of local churches and helping plant churches in several countries as well as South Africa. Lex is a popular speaker at conferences and evangelistic missions with a passion and ability to bring people to Christ and equip the local church. He is an elder of the multi-racial Jubilee Community Church, Cape Town.


  1. is this guy tryingto look like Dave Bish or is Dave Bish trying to look like this guy? You decide!

  2. Soul patch is the way forward, though I'm with beard at the moment. Maybe I need to shave a bit.