Monday, September 01, 2008

The Journey of Exegesis (Blogpost #1987)

The joyy of finding unsurfed breaks as a metaphor for the journey nature of biblical exegesis.
ht: Stephen Murray
"You get to a point where you find yourself very used to the ’setup’ questions exegesis raises: history, literature, theology. And you pretty much know what are going to be the important areas to pay attention to in a passage. You kind of even have an expectation of what the text will mean at the end of the labor. But every once in awhile you find yourself starring into the face of an exegetical find that is captivating. Something that you were not prepared for and something that makes all the other routine experiences of biblical exegesis rich and meaningful... At times biblical exegesis demands from us that we use that 300mm technical lens of the craft just so we can begin to see the outline of a much more beautiful and majestic find. Those technical questions can feel very clunky at times but they’re necessary. Still, that’s not the point of biblical exegesis. Its not about seeing the outline, its about seeing God in His majesty face to face (coram deo in Latin). Biblical exegesis is a journey, like wave hunting in surfing culture, the question is do we have the passion and ‘faith’ to pursue it as a lifelong journey rather than a holiday excursion…"

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