Wednesday, September 03, 2008

John Piper on Ruth at FORUM 2008

Wifi went down on Tuesday so I'm just catching up...

The morning prayer meeting was overful which has led to a venue change for tomorrow. It's stopped raining though the skies look grey.

Why is John Piper here? Because he likes Richard Cunningham. Why?

1. Because of his doctrinal vigilence.
2. Because of his vital personal faith.
3. Because of his courageous cultural engagement
4. Because he works with students.

Seven reasons to study the book of Ruth.

1. It's the word of God that can't be broken, which gives hope and truth.
2. It's a love story, interesting truth in flesh and blood forms.
3. Portrait of noble womanhood and manhood.
4. Great issue of racial diversity - Ruth the Moabite in the line of Jesus.
5. Above all God's providence in calamity and sorrow.
6. The effects it can bring in freedom for radical obedience.
7. Ultimate purpose of pointing to King David and then to Jesus.

Download the mp3s:
Ruth 1
Ruth 2: Under the wings of God
Ruth 3: Strategic Righteousness
Ruth 4: May the redeemers name be renowned

The book is set in the time of the Judges. Boaz is Rahab's son. What is God doing in such downcast times. Events in one local family for global purposes which points to bigger hope, as we skip forward from David to Jesus. It shows us the magnitude of Jesus as ultimate! All things for that. Contra Don Piper's 90mins in Heaven, where he says he went to heaven and talks about it (unlike Paul who couldn't speak of having been caught up to heaven) and said there were no songs about anything bad - except the song of heaven is the song of the slaughtered lamb, the ultimate act of evil by which we're saved.

We need an Old Testament theology for the glory of Jesus crucified. We can go to all the dark times and see the providence of God at work for the majesty of the cross.

And then into Ruth 1.

After coffee we moved into five doctrine tracks, going deeper into the character of God. In 'Secure in the Saving God' we considered wrath and hell today with Tim Rudge and Alison Williams. Salvation tomorrow!

John Piper speaks again this evening on Ruth 2 and the Free gospel project will be launched.

In a couple of hours is my seminar on 'Studying for Jesus'.


  1. Loving this. Agree with Piper on Cunningham.

  2. I'm very jealous. Piper is awesome.

  3. I'd expect the mp3's to be available in the near future. A week or two...