Tuesday, September 23, 2008

IFES Evangelists Conference

This week I'm joining with 59 other evangelists from 20 nations across Europe as a delegate at the IFES European Conference for the Current and Potential University Evangelists.

We're being trained by Michael Green, Martin Haizmann, Richard Cunningham, John Lennox, Rafael Anzenberger, Stefan Gustavsson, Jurgen Spiess, Charlie Hadjiev and Lindsay & Ann Brown.

The conference information says: "This conference is a new initiative from IFES to support university evangelists as they seek to make Jesus Christ known in increasingly secularised European cultures. We are encouraging each IFES European movement to send at least two delegates from their country to the conference."

The week’s programme will include sample evangelistic talks each morning, evening question-and-answer sessions, videoed evangelistic talks and discussions related to these, and seminars. There will be an opportunity for all participants to give an evangelistic talk and receive feedback. There will also be a special viewing of John Lennox’s public debate with Richard Dawkins.


  1. Wow! What an amazing line-up of speakers/leaders! Hope it's as fantastic as it looks!

  2. Have a great time! Look forward to hearing all about it - perhaps we could have you write something for the IFES website when you're back to? :)



  3. quite jealous. but what a time for it. please greet michael & raphael from me.