Wednesday, September 03, 2008

FORUM - Wednesday miscellanies

What else is going on today?

This afternoon was Open Forum which is a free-for-all Q&A session for students. The one hour session covered questions about CU and Church, Students Unions, Other Christian Groups and a number of other areas.

More seminars run at 4.30pm, mostly helping students to engage with FREE. Yesterday I spoke on Studying for Jesus, tomorrow on Loving the Church.

This evening The World Service which I'll document in more detail, including - I hope - an interview with Alex Banfield Hicks who works in Exeter and has coordinated this event, with a vision to mobilse students into global missions. John Piper will speak at this event in which much time is set aside for prayer.

One of the highlights this week has been getting to know Lewis Roderick who is one of our new associate Staff in London. Great to find gospel-hearted partners to join in this work.


  1. Not forgetting that about 400 people gave up their free time too see Mark's Gospel presented dramatically at the Hub Stage.

  2. Thanks Si. So much stuff that we all had to miss some of the brilliant options.