Monday, September 08, 2008

FORUM - Theology of everything, theology of rain...

In view of the rain at FORUM.... some thoughts :
  1. Genesis 9v13-15. God isn't going to let it keep raining forever (even if it has rained a lot). The world will be judged and renewed, but not through rain. Remember the rain will stop. This is grace and patience.
  2. Isaiah 4v5-6. The Lord provides the refuge we need from the rain.
  3. Isaiah 55v9-11. Remember God's word is like rain. It comes from heaven and bears a harvest. Human ideas get us no where near God but God's word reveals him to us and it serves it's purpose. See also Hebrews 6v7. Is the word bearing a crop in my life?
  4. Jeremiah 51v15-17. Amongst other places - it's God who made it rain. Thanking him for what he does is a good idea rather than grumbling!
  5. Job 38v22-30. Can you make it rain? No, God does that. John Piper: "whether we focus on the earth or the sea or the dawn or the snow or hail or constellations or rain, the upshot is that Job is ignorant and impotent. He doesn't know where they came from. He doesn't know how to make them work. He is utterly surrounded, above and below, by mysteries. And so are we, because the scientific advancements of the last two hundred years are like sand-pails of saltwater hauled from the ocean of God's wisdom and dumped in a hole on the beach while the tide is rising. God is not impressed. And we should be overwhelmed with our ignorance, not impressed with science."
  6. Matthew 5v45. Everyone gets rained on, good or bad. God's friends and his enemies. It's not because someone put their washing out or because I lied when I was seventeen.
  7. Matthew 7v24-29. When it rains houses without foundations fall down, houses with foundations stand. Do I have foundations? Have I put the word of God into practice?
  8. Luke 12v54-56. Before it rains you can see it's coming... likewise read the times and see that God's final judgement is coming. Believe that.
  9. Acts 14v17. Rain is God's kindness to provide food to fill our stomaches and our hearts with joy. God provides the food not Tescos and that requires some rain, amongst other things.
  10. Acts 28v1. When Paul was shipwrecked in Malta it was raining. People get wet, and it's kindness from God's people to provide some warmth.
  11. Jude 1v12. Clouds without rain are useless - like false teachers who twist the grace of God. Cloud that produce rain remind me of the reality of grace in the life of God's people.

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