Thursday, September 04, 2008

FORUM - Studying for Jesus

MP3: Study for Jesus

My seminar on Studying for Jesus was built on the conviction that as those made in the image of God work is a part of who we are. It matters. It's not a part of the curse. The man who doesn't work is dehumanised. Some work is there before the fall - creativity and sciences, ordering the world, extending the garden, and enjoying God's creation. Gradually expanding Eden into a global garden full of people, living under the rule of God.

Post-fall Some work is necessitated to limit or respond the effects of the fall so that things don't get to be the worst that they could be.

Work is, however, cursed so it's hard - and according to Ecclesiastes it's also unsastisfying and futile, it's breath (like everything else). Sinfully we respond to this hardness and emptiness with laziness, idolatry and corruption. This is the reality of work in the shadow of the curse. The same challenges effect Evangelism and all other 'Christian' ministry. Tozer said that what divides sacred and secular work isn't what you do but your attitude. You can be a secular Bible teacher, you can be a sacred student.

But, in Christ, our image is renewed to be like Jesus afresh - to be people under God once more over creation. So, Colossians 3 directs us to work in the light of the gospel.The detail of how our work fits into the mandate we have as image bearers needs working out in plenty of detail.


  1. loving your live blogging, means I can enjoy forum without the mud or tired wanderings around in it! Seriously though, missing you guys and prayin it's a good time for all despite the mud etc! Looking forward to the Piper stuff being online soon!

  2. Dave, I'd love to see your material for this. Do you plan to put it up here, or could you email it to me?

  3. I'll see what extra detail I can put up. Best bet might be the mp3.