Thursday, September 04, 2008

FORUM - Spectacular sins, and on not polishing our pumpkins

"I believe in the ethos, doctrine and mission of UCCF" John Piper

John Piper concluded his preaching on Ruth 4. The key questions are about who the redeemer is in 4v14. Strangely Ruth fades from focus and we find that Boaz isn't the redeemer. It's Obed. And from Obed comes David and the redeemer Jesus (2 Samuel 7v13).

What will be the means? Naomi's life will be restored, nourished in her old life, the redeemer will be renowned. Narrowly, her hope is returning. Broadly - this redeemer is Jesus!

Why Naomi? Turning around the situations of chapter 1. There is real hope for our darkest days - God is at work.

David is doubly-celebrated at the end of the book in v17 + v22. The last word of the book is David. And yet, the coming of David will be through sin. The great purposes of God come through sinfulness of people. He ordains sin to bring glory to God. We see it in Ruth. We see it in Naomi. We see it ultimately in Jesus - Acts 4v27-28. On this issue of the Sovereignty of God we can't play games and get into arguments - we need to stay on centre. Christ died for us. Believe God.

Later in the morning I went to the 'Secure in the Saving God' track where we enjoyed the freedom of grace and justification by faith - mostly in Galatians. We remembered the great stories of salvation, and how they change us. Like the Lord of the Rings changed the hobbits, so they were different while all the other hobbits polished their pumpkins.

Elsewhere, Delirious have their acoustic gig in a few minutes in the main marquee. Might dive in there ahead of my seminar on Love the church.

And finally, the mud report. It's still very muddy.


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