Tuesday, September 09, 2008

FORUM - "Sometimes, its just good to know that someone you have heard of is with you."

"...the thing I loved most was this. In a day when I have heard famous Christians (evangelicals apparently) scoff at the idea that people will meet Jesus in his word as students give it out and study it, when the mood of evangelicalism in Britain has (as we have seen this summer) been so obsessed with the so-called miraculous at the expense of simply testifying about Jesus, when the world and his mother seems to either think there must be some magic technique for winning people to Christ, or that we are due a wave of blessing to make it happen, I loved seeing a world renowned evangelical stand up and say well done to all the students who will be risking much to open the Scriptures with non Christians this year. "It will be better and harder than you ever thought!" Maurice McCracken
It's not Christian-celebrity worship (or Piperism). Leaders rise up beyond their local settings and it's just a relief to see one, like John Piper, who loves the gospel. What we need is more people like this. Maybe a will find them in the generation who stood up at Forum to give their lives to cross-cultural mission. And more among those who didn't stand, not because they don't love the gospel - but because they'll be back home doing the work, holding the rope - contending for the gospel on their knees.

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