Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dominion and Dynasty (Stephen Dempster)

I'm working through Genesis and the latest helpful book I've found is Stephen Dempster's Dominion and Dynasty in the ever-strong NSBT series. In the chapter on Genesis he traces the themes of genealogy and geography through the text.

We meet the Priest-King Adam ruling under God and representing (mediating) him to the world, and we move forward through generations and God's promises seem to slip away and then to be fulfilled - chasing in faith the promise of the seed... generation by generation will we find him?

Reading it this morning I particularly loved the attention to the details of genealogy and geography - only Chronicles (the last book of the Hebrew Canon) matches Genesis for names. And geography - the two appearances of Mount Jerusalem in the narrative of Abraham.

A condensed version of the whole argument of the book, which considers the entire Hebrew Canon can be found in Scott Hafemann's Biblical Theology

Dempster blogs with Michael Bird, Desmond Alexander and Jim Hamilton at Biblical Theology: “. . . all the prophets . . . proclaimed these days . . .” -Acts 3:24. See for more by these guys.

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