Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Death and the Smell of Jesus (3) - The aroma of Christ draws the line

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Places have smells. Pubs no longer smell of cigarettes, now they smell of sweat. Walk into Debenhams, the smell of perfume hits you. People have smells too. Paul says wherever he goes - there is a smell that comes up from him. A smell released from his life and his speech. A smell that ultimately divides all people. V14. Not the odour of a man living on the road, who hasn’t washed. No.

He calls it The aroma of Christ .
He calls it The knowledge of Christ

Who does it effect?
Look at v14-15: V14.
It comes from Paul the Christian… ALWAYS.S

What is the effect of this ‘aroma of Christ'? V15. It is…

To one a fragrance from death to death.
To the other a fragrance from life to life.

Where is the line between heaven and hell? It’s about how you respond to the knowledge of Christ? For every person, everywhere, in every generation, what you make of the aroma of Christ determines whether you’re being saved or Perishing. One aroma, two effects. Marmite does that in our house. I love that beautiful yeast extract aroma. Tragically, my wife is reviled by it.

If Frontiers Church Exeter is to be a church on mission then this knowledge and aroma must be our distinctive mark. If not our meetings are like every other institution in Exeter, and our scattered lives just blend into the crowds in Princesshay.

What is this ‘aroma of Christ’?

The language of AROMA is Bible language for sacrifices. God had asked his people in The Book of Leviticus to make sacrifices that would be pleasing to Him. And God says in Ephesians 5v2: “Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering & sacrifice to God.” The smell of Jesus is about his death.

Paul gives ten words that are the knowledge of Christ. Stu Alred used an image last week of the news about Jesus being a diamond – with different facets to be gazed upon to appreciate the whole. Come, gaze on ten facets. Come, inhale ten smells as the word of God reveals Jesus. Chris Martin is right: This is serious.

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